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Senstar Safe Spaces

All-in-one video analytics solution to help businesses operate safely amidst COVID-19

Ensure employee and customer confidence

Senstar Safe Spaces is a plug-and-play, stand-alone device with embedded software that uses network cameras to verify if health and safety protocols are being followed.

  • Face Mask
  • Physical
  • Hand
  • Occupancy
  • Advanced deep learning technology
  • Easily repurposed with new software
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Is everyone entering wearing a mask?

Detect if individuals are wearing
a face mask.

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Is physical distancing being practiced?

Measure the physical distance between people over time.

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Are hands being properly sanitized?

Monitor hand washing and sanitization stations to ensure proper hygiene is being practiced.

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How many people are inside?

Count people entering and exiting to ensure occupancy limits are not exceeded.

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Operate safely. Ensure confidence. Limit liability.

Easily verify that your business' health and safety protocols are being followed with Senstar Safe Spaces. Available to purchase now.

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