Get started with Senstar Safe Spaces

Integrate into your existing system or use as a standalone system.

Setup is as easy
as 1, 2, 3

Supporting all ONVIF cameras and encoders, Senstar Safe Spaces can be used on its own, with the Symphony VMS, or with any ONVIF-compatible video management software.

Step 1

Add Cameras

On a PC or tablet, display the device's configuration web page. Click the Add Camera button – the device will automatically look for all cameras on the network. You'll need to enter the login credentials (username and password) for each camera.


Step 2

Choose Analytics

Select the Senstar Safe Spaces video analytics for each camera. Using the camera's sample image as a guide, set the approximate camera height and angle, and then draw the analytic processing area. Test the analytics in action and tweak the parameters as required.


Step 3

Configure Rules

Set rules to trigger notifications when certain conditions are met, for example a room’s occupancy exceeds the specified count, people aren’t wearing face masks as they enter the building, or are not practicing physically distancing.


Installation Examples

Run video analytics on up to 6 network camera streams per device.

Face masks, hand sanitization, and physical (social) distancing are important ways to keep staff and customers safe in retail stores and other publicly accessible businesses. They may even be required in some jurisdictions as a condition for remaining open. Senstar Safe Spaces can use the existing cameras (typically installed for theft prevention purposes) to help the business ensure health and safety protocols are being followed.

COVID-19 infections can have a disastrous effect on the health of workers in tightly spaced manufacturing and food processing environments. Keep workers safe and keep the lines open by ensuring all workers properly wash their hands and wear face masks before they enter the plant floor.

Help manage physical (social) distancing and proper hand hygiene in large open indoor areas like cafeterias and lounges. Limit the number of people allowed in at any one time, ensure they wash their hands upon entrance, and make sure they follow physical (social) distancing guidelines. The physical distancing video analytic is not affected by tables and chairs as long as the overall movement of people is not obscured.

How do you monitor occupancy in a restroom or other areas where cameras aren't allowed? Senstar Safe Spaces can keep track of how many people enter and leave the room via a camera mounted outside, and display the current room count on a nearby Smart TV or computer monitor.


These resources will help you easily install, setup and configure Senstar Safe Spaces to meet your unique business requirements.

System requirement information.

All you need to run Senstar Safe Spaces is an HDMI monitor, keyboard, network cable, and a PC or laptop with an up-to-date browser.